Why Choose Us for Employers


When Choosing a Recruiting Firm it is Critical that you select a Company that...

#1 Has the best pool of Candidates!

We proactively prospect engineers to understand who would be interested in changing careers provided the right opportunity presents itself.   What that means to you is that you'll be getting a highly respected, proficient, and sought after candidate.  Job Seekers who are actively responding to job postings are often under performers, under motivated, and job hoppers who simply are looking for anything.  

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#2 Utilizes Personality Testing

We utilize a combination of various independent personality testing systems  to validate candidates match to the position and company culture.   What that means is you'll have a happy and productive employee who will thrive at your company.  What that really means is better performance which will add to your bottom line profits. 

Call us to learn more about testing process and why it matters to you.

#3 Multiple PhD Engineering technical resources

We have PhDs available in many disciplines (including FEA, CFD, Electromagnetics, and others)  to help discuss the technical requirements with the employer and also validate engineering expertise of candidates.   We don't just rely on resume qualifications and will do the upfront work to provide only the best. 

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changing the way people THINK about recruiting