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Why use a Recruiting Firm?

 Why search by yourself when we're connected with the CEOs, CTOs, and hiring managers?  We'll verify you not only get a new career, but it's one that's a good match for you long term.  Plus, get coaching advice along the way from a firm who does it as a profession.   There's no reason to not leverage experts in a field when it costs you nothing.  

Why choose Turbo Recruiting?

We utilize personality testing (for both you and the hiring company) and qualification matching to predict the long term satisfaction of your selection.  What that means to you is a great match of company culture where you'll thrive and have more work-life satisfaction...which is what a new career is all about!  

Why Personality Testing?

 This indicates what a company values deeply and also what the employee values.  Some cultures value recognition while others feel appreciated by monetary bonuses.  Some like instant gratification of task completion while others are more interested in the process.   Uncovering these traits ahead of time will lead to a path of success.