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When Choosing a Recruiting Firm it is Critical that you select a Company that...

#1  Industry experts combined with Recruiting knowledge
-you must partner with a company that has both the knowledge of completing the task coupled with the expertise of the requirements

#2 PhD engineers qualify candidates coupled with Compass Assessments to verify a perfect match
-We'll validate personality traits and knowledge to make sure both parties make a perfect match

#3 Does NOT rely on external recruiting sites
- We have an existing database of over 4000 opt-in engineers who have passed initial screens
- We've partnered with Universities and engineering companies around the US to create a foundation

#4 Has the resources and attention to the Engineering Market

-if your recruiter or HR department is responsible for many industries and positions, the quality of candidates and performance will suffer greatly

#5 Protects it's Clients from Career Catastrophe
-through the use of personality assessments and knowledge verification, we can ensure both  will thrive. 

changing the way people THINK about recruiting